Hello. I’m Tim, a London based designer and writer.
I’m also Principal of design at Ustwo.

At the age of four, I obsessively scribbled a space themed logo on my Lego astronaut minifig over and over again, trying to perfect it. When I started school I experimented with all sorts of creative outlets, drawing covers for school brochures, entering colouring-in competitions and winning my fair share of gold stars. At the age of seven I would draw one comic strip, starring a dog called Oscar, every day… this persisted till I was 11.

But traditional sketching, drawing, painting, mosaic making, model making and the like became a bit usual, I wanted to play with a completely new medium, and I wanted to use my brain…

Tim aged nine, meet MS Paint. MS Paint allowed me to waste my precious childhood, painstakingly creating elaborate images, pixel by pixel. At 14, I designed and built my first website.

Never content with one medium, I would also dabble in technical and architectural drawing, designing ergonomic computer desks and crazy stupid buildings.

Inevitably, I went on to study Graphic Design at university, which I knew would allow me the freedom to do what I wanted creatively, to do what I enjoy most, use my brain to come up with great concepts and then execute them in any style or medium I saw fit.

Several years on and I’m still enjoying working in a variety of creative puddles. Corporate identity, branding, packaging, exhibition design, print design, web design, caricatures, animation, Flash work, iPhone / iPad apps, AR, games, interactives… I jump in to them all, you can see evidence of all this splashed across My Poor Brain, so take a look around.

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  • ustwo: Principal of Design Auto, 2016 – present

  • ustwo: Design Specialist, 2013 – 2016

  • AllofUs: Lead designer, 2012 – 2013

  • Valve: Freelance designer, 2012

  • GR/DD: Junior – Senior designer, 2006 – 2012

  • Springetts: Placement, 2005

  • The Partners: Portfolio presentation, 2005

  • View Creative: Placement, 2004


  • BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design & Professional Media at the University of Gloucestershire, 2002 – 2005, high 2:1

  • Lots of good GCSE’s and a couple of also good A Levels at Prestatyn High School, 1995 – 2002


  • Automotive Interiors Expo: Design for the contextually aware car, June 2016

  • IXDA: Design for the in-car context, January 2016

  • University of Washington: Human Computer Interaction + Design mentoring, September 2015

  • BBC Cymru: ‘Design for digital’ to BBC Digital, May 2015

  • Apple: ‘In car design’ to Jony Ive and his team, July 2014

  • Google: ‘In car design’ to Android Auto, June 2014

  • Nottingham Trent University: Interaction design lecture and mentoring, April 2013


  • Awwwards – March 2016: Honorable Mention for My Poor Brain

  • FastCo Awards – 2015: Finalist (Data Visualisation category) for Cluster Fuck

  • FastCo Awards – 2015: Finalist (Experimental category) for Cluster Fuck

  • Awwwards – January 2013: Honorable Mention for My Poor Brain

  • CSS Awards – January 2013: Featured for My Poor Brain

  • The Webby Awards – 2012: Official Honoree for Drench

  • Best of the Web Awards – 2012: Nominated for Drench

  • The Webby Awards – 2011: Official Honoree for Carbon Cycle

  • The Webby Awards – 2011: Nominated for Time Explorer

  • Museums & Heritage Awards – 2011: Nominated for Carbon Cycle

  • Museums & Heritage Awards – 2011: Nominated for Time Explorer

  • Best of the Web Awards – 2011: Nominated for Time Explorer

  • Design Week Awards – 2011: Shorlisted for Time Explorer

  • GD USA – 2010: Winner for EyePet PlayStation Kit

  • The FWA – 28th October 2010: Site of the Day for Time Explorer

  • The Webby Awards – 2009: Winner for Tate Kids

  • The Webby Awards – 2008: Nominated for CenterPlan

  • Design Week Awards – 2008: Shorlisted for CenterPlan

  • YCN Student Awards – 2005: Commended for Benjys

  • YCN Student Awards – 2005: Commended for MB Games MannersMob

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